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SubjectRe: PGP fingerprints in CREDITS file?

Linus Torvalds writes:
>Not only don't I use PGP, I don't want PGP-signed email, and I don't even
>want MIME-encoded email.
>I'm seriously considering refusing to even look at mails or patches that
>use MIME-encoding other than cleartext.

For when it's necessary to send binaries or 8-bit characters, why don't
we promote a MIME type application/x-uudecode? Then you, Linus, can just
feed the whole email to uudecode, and those who want MIME can also see it
just as easily as other MIME mail as long as they add the type to their
mime.types file (if it isn't already there...)

>(*) PGP _should_ use a escape sequence, but using a single-character one (and
>As it stands now, I have to edit the damn thing by hand or install a program
>that I don't want, and this results in me mostly ignoring the damn broken

Here's a replacement program for PGP for those without PGP:

# unpgp - remove PGP magic from a patch
exec sed 's/^- -/-/'



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