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SubjectCrashing of linux whilst shutting down with umsdos.


I have set up a linux network at college using umsdos to put a minimal
linux system on the hard drives. The rest of the system is nfs mounted
off a linux file server.
Since upgrading from 1.3.68 or 69 to 1.3.90 upwards, the pcs nearly
always crash when shutting down at the point where 'running
/etc/rc.d/rc.6' appears.
Does anyone have any ideas on this one? I have upgraded to version 5.2.16
of libc, but this did not make any difference. It is not the network card
driver which I thought originally as it happens on a totally different
computer configuration using the same software setup. My guess is it's
some problem with umsdos.

Could you post copies of replies to me at my email address as well.

Adrian Garside.

Adrian Garside, Email : //\ /\\
Old Court, WWW : || * \ v / * ||
Clare College, \\____\O/____//
Cambridge, / * /O\ * \
CB2 1TL. \__/ " \__/

"One minute I'm just another rabbit and happy about it, next minute
*whazaam*, I'm thinking. That's a major drawback if you're looking for
happiness as a rabbit, let me tell you. You want grass and sex, not
thoughts like 'What's it all about, when you get right down to it?'"
-- (Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures)

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