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SubjectA few questions and notes....

Ok, I'm still running 1.3.99 (I know, obselete...:-) but I'm still
getting double-lock on socket at 00149b33 (tcp_sendmsg)

Grr. Well, a judicious #if 0 in the source nuked that one for now. It
happens when I have a telnet session open that I havn't used in a while.
(Virtual consoles do that... :-) As soon as I type, I get a few of
those, then it stops.

pre-2.0 is out finally! Cool! :-) Now I can upgrade the boxes here
to a decent version of linux.

Ok, thats that for bugreports. The next one is: where should I poke around
to do broadcast pings? I _KNOW_ it's an EACCES somewhere and I should be
able to if (suser) it. <grr> I just like to know who is on my network
(mostly to check if unix boxes are alive... I know sneaky-types do NOT
respond to broadcast pings. Or regular pings, for that matter.)

Nothing but UNIXen responds to broadcast pings, I noticed. Win 3.1/NT/95
don't, nor does MACtcp. Wierd. Just because it is optinial dosn't mean
they should leave it out.

(yes, I know this is badly typed. I cracked my KBD in half tonight and
have to get a new one tomorrow, so I'm lucky to be able to type at all.
I also got a linux keyboard error. :-)


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