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SubjectPlea. . .
Now that pre-2.0 is upon us, I hope that everyone is not in a frenzy to rush to
get 2.0 out the door in the next couple of days.. with the amount of bug
reports lately, it's pretty obvious we are not at the "rock-solid stable"

If a Linux 2.0 goes out the door, chock full of bugs, it will mean bad press
and PR..

Also, I think some sort of ftp site should be set-up to hold all the
"essential" things for 2.0... especially the 'victim-list' type files...sure,
you could say, "All of it is on sunsite", but that is not always true.. having
things like:

procps-1.00.tar.gz [I hope 0.99a gets updated before then]

All in one directory would be such a nice thing to have.. having to hunt down
everything in odd-ball places will make users go, "Sheesh, it's not worth all
the effort"

Just food for thought.. please be gentle, I'm not here to stir trouble.. :)


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