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SubjectRe: Problem with RootNFS

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Bartlomiej Czardybon wrote:

> On Mon, 13 May 1996, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> >
> > > IP Number of computer I run is obtained by BOOTP, from Netware server.
> > > It is ok. Kernel says that it got IP number and IP of gateway, and...
> > > it tries to make NFS connection to Netware server instead of that given
> > > as parameter.
> > > Is it a bug or feature ?. How can I make kernel to mount root by
> > > NFS from ?
> >
> > It was a bug. Some kind soul fixed this recently.
> >
> > This bug has been creeping out every time somebody adds a new
> > wonder-feature to nfsroot.
> >
> > Miguel.
> >
> Thank You, I found it fixed in 1.3.100, now I've got a second problema:
> is it possible to have swapfile mounted on rootnfs ? How to ? Any HOWTO ?

I have seen such a patch in some (old!) package for booting from a bootrom.
Here is a lsm:
Title: netboot-nfs
Version: 1.2
Entered-date: 04 Mar 1995
Description: This package allows booting of a diskless computer over a
network, mounting the root filesystem via NFS and using a
swap file on a NFS filesystem. It includes the necessary
patches for Linux kernel 1.1.92, and tools to boot a disk-
less computer.
Keywords: booting, boot-rom, swap, root-fs, nfs, diskless
Author: (Gero Kuhlmann) (Jamie Honan)
Maintained-by: (Gero Kuhlmann)
Primary-site: /pub/Linux/system/Linux-boot
189kB netboot-nfs.tar.gz
1082 netboot-nfs.lsm
Original-site: /pub/Linux/system/Linux-boot
Platform: MSDOS C-compiler and assembler necessary for recompiling boot
rom when not using a WD80*3 network interface card (for which
binaries are included)
Copying-policy: GPL



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