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SubjectRe: Linux logo

On Mon, 6 May 1996, Matt Hartley wrote:

> About year ago I asked my mother (professional artist) to do linux logo
> for conputer exhibition...She did nice and simple normal
> companies have.. And it should be done quite well in ascii-art too :)
> Maybe I should look for it..if someone is intersted..
> Honza

I just got the latest issue of Linux Journal today. In it they announce
that they have come up with their own Linux logo to place at the bottom
of ads for products that work with Linux (like SCO, Novell etc. do).

It is a simple purple and white logo that looks a bit like this:

C O O L <- big font white on purple
it works with <- small italics purple on white
L I N U X <- big font white on purple

They provide a license to use the logo for a $1.00 per year fee. They
say they require a license fee to "secure a valid legal agreement".

Look at for a GIF or
postscript version.

Personally I like the nice simple logo for use in alerting ad readers
that Linux is supported. It looks right at home with all the other
company "works with" logos.

Ken Jordan

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