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Subject1.99.2 Problem with IP_FORWARDING and http
I decided to see how IP forwarding was working for me with 1.99.2, but
I've run into some problems. My configuration is as follows:

zeego <-------> rabbit <-----> 28.8 modem slip connection <---> dialup line

If I use Netscape 2.01 from zeego and try to read

it typically stops transferring data after 5K bytes. It sometimes
stops after 2 or 3K, but it has never made it past 10K. If I let it
run, I eventually get a Network Error: Connection reset by peer.
Netstat shows a reasonable output when nothing is getting tranferred

tcp 0 0 zeego:1072 herbie.ucs.indiana:www ESTABLISHED

If I instead read the same page from rabbit (with the same version of
Netscape), the entire page is read without problem and without delay.
Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

Gordon Chaffee

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