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SubjectRe: Networking Status pre #2
This info is from the 1.99.3 or 1.3.99 kernels.  (can't tell the 
difference in this respect.)

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> Can people mail the list (not just me directly) if they are seeing the
> following with 2.0 pre 2
> 1. double lock on device queue

I have no idea. Is there an error message or way to tell?

> 2. repeated socket destroy messages every 10 seconds


> 3. Stuck sockets (notably on big FTP or WWW servers)

If that means 1-3 second periodical pauses, yes.

> 4. panic: ip_evictor (this typically won't be seen unless you do
> something like deliberately spray a machine with incomplete packets
> - eg by doing ping -s 32768 -f down a SLIP link).

Never seen it in any kernel.

> 5. TCP send queue out of order reports

Never seen it.

> 6. Not being able to talk to some sites and a trace that looks like
> a MTU discovery problem (continually resending a frame with DF set
> and getting an ICMP error back).

Searching through the tcpdump I sent you, I don't find a large number of
DF packets.

> 7. TCP performance problems.

I wouldn't say there's a large overall throughput performance problem,
just long pauses every so often (unpredictable, but on average, I'd say
every 10-15 seconds.)

> 8. bogus packet size/mismatched pointers reports on 8390 based ethernet
> drivers.

Don't have one.

> I want to see how bad these problems actually are and how many people are
> seeing them - also hopefully a pattern so try and include hardware info.
> Alan

Dell XPS p133 32mb EDO RAM, 512K cache. 1 2gb _ide_ pci drive. 1 ide
cdrom drive (works). 4 partitions, the last 3 of which are linux, 1st one
is win95. 3c509 network card (EtherLink III, plug and play off, no
conflicts.) Bus mouse. Hooked to ascend pipeline 50 router. Debian beta
1.1 (same problems with slackware 3.0 anyway).

Jason Eggleston

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