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Subject1.99.3 oops
Here's a strange problem related to the installation of the cm206 
driver as a module, right after bootup.

dmesg says:

Module inserted $Id: cdrom.c,v 0.4 1996/04/17 20:47:50 david Exp david $
$Id: cm206.c,v 0.99 1996/04/14 20:26:26 david Exp $ adapter at 0x350 using IRQ 11
Firmware revision 4 double speed drive, motorized tray

Then we get:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c8055950
current->tss.cr3 = 00e63000, %cr3 = 00e63000
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<0010ffb7>]
EFLAGS: 00010206
eax: 00d25960 ebx: 08055950 ecx: 0181035a edx: 0181035a
esi: 08055010 edi: 00d25960 ebp: 00dc2e60 esp: 00dc2e54
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
Process insmod (pid: 38, process nr: 8, stackpage=00dc2000)
Stack: 00d25018 08055010 01812901 0009e2d8 0181b34e 00d25960 0009e2d8 0000000b
00dc2ea8 00000034 00333131 0010c500 0000000b 00000000 00dc2ea8 00dc2ea8
0000000b 00000000 0010be7c 0000000b 00dc2ea8 00180008 fffffff7 00108e00
Call Trace: [<01812901>] [<0181b34e>] [<0010c500>] [<0010be7c>] [<0010c64f>] [<0181b1cd>] [<0010c6bd>]
[<0181cc59>] [<0181b1cd>] [<0181cf24>] [<0181cdeb>] [<00113b07>] [<0181b004>] [<0181cdd7>] [<0181cdec>]
[<0010f9f4>] [<0010f8b8>] [<0010a517>] [<0010a389>]
Code: 8b 13 85 d2 74 65 8b 02 83 f8 01 75 5e 9c 5e fa c7 02 00 00
Aiee, killing interrupt handler

Using `/' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 10ffb7 <wake_up_interruptible+1b/d4>
Trace: 1812901
Trace: 181b34e
Trace: 10c500 <do_IRQ+36/44>
Trace: 10be7c <IRQ11_interrupt+5c/80>
Trace: 10c64f <setup_x86_irq+111/11b>
Trace: 181b1cd
Trace: 10c6bd <request_irq+64/7c>
Trace: 181cc59
Trace: 181b1cd
Trace: 181cf24
Trace: 181cdeb
Trace: 113b07 <sys_init_module+387/3bd>
Trace: 181b004
Trace: 181cdd7
Trace: 181cdec
Trace: 10f9f4 <do_page_fault+13c/298>
Trace: 10f9f4 <do_page_fault+13c/298>
Trace: 10a517 <error_code+4b/54>
Trace: 10a389 <system_call+59/a0>

Code: 10ffb7 <wake_up_interruptible+1b/d4> movl (%ebx),%edx
Code: 10ffb9 <wake_up_interruptible+1d/d4> testl %edx,%edx
Code: 10ffbb <wake_up_interruptible+1f/d4> je 110022 <wake_up_interruptible+86/d4>
Code: 10ffbd <wake_up_interruptible+21/d4> movl (%edx),%eax
Code: 10ffbf <wake_up_interruptible+23/d4> cmpl $0x1,%eax
Code: 10ffc2 <wake_up_interruptible+26/d4> jne 110022 <wake_up_interruptible+86/d4>
Code: 10ffc4 <wake_up_interruptible+28/d4> pushf
Code: 10ffc5 <wake_up_interruptible+29/d4> popl %esi
Code: 10ffc6 <wake_up_interruptible+2a/d4> cli
Code: 10ffc7 <wake_up_interruptible+2b/d4> movl $0x90000000,(%edx)
Code: 10ffcd <wake_up_interruptible+31/d4> nop
Code: 10ffce <wake_up_interruptible+32/d4> nop

After this point, any further attempt to "modprobe cm206" fails with:

$Id: cm206.c,v 0.99 1996/04/14 20:26:26 david Exp $ can't find adapter!

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