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SubjectRe: Linux Logo prototype.

> THAT requires talent. Give people the outline, and they should
> say sickly sweet voice, babytalk almost ]"Ooh, what a cuddly penguin, I
> bet he is just _stuffed_ with herring", and small children will jump
> up and down and scream "mommy mommy, can I have one too?".

> As to why use a penguin as a logo? No good reason, really. But a
> logo doesn't really ave to _mean_ anything - it's the association
> that counts. And I can think of many worse things than have linux
> being associated with penguins.

Yes. The penguin is fun, I
like it, but I can't approve because my 3 1/2 months older daughter
doesn't like him. She smiles and laughs at green cabbage with white
round face, blue eyes and red smile mouth (only a line). This penguin
is black, white and orange and Angelica prefer the window's red menu
bar. Maybe penguins doesn't have red lips round as foots of U,
neither big blue eyes. Maybe we can design a face over the penguin
belly. What about that? Have you a baby Linus Torvalds face photo
yet from which get inspiration? ;-) The face design on the belly will
be long far from the really because it will be very stilyzed.


Andrea Ferraris - System Administrator of my self -

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