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SubjectRe: Accounting with pid ?
On Tue, 14 May 1996, Juha Virtanen wrote:

> Andreas Joppich writes:
> :>How about printing the pid of the executing process
> :>into the accounting file, if accounting is enabled ?
> :>Under VMS this is done and sometimes it helps a lot
> :>to trace down some things.
> This requires only adding two lines to kernel. If you want to
> test it out, get the diffs from
> <>.
> I made the kernel diffs against pre2.0.3, but they should apply
> to any kernel having process accounting in it.

I modified the process accounting in the kernel to also log size in
memory of processes, as well as the amount of i/o they did, and number of
swaps caused. These are simple patches, and the first two were present in
the original accounting patches. Somewhere along the line the facility to
log these items was dropped.

Anyone interested in my patches to both the kernel and the process
accounting suite should e-mail me.

On another note, it seems that there are many useful patches out there
not yet incorporated into the official kernel, so I might as well archive
them on my ftp site. Mail me if you want your patches mirrored!


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