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SubjectSCSI tape and tar
After working perfectly for over two years through much kernel change
I started having problems with retrieving files from scsi tape with tar
starting with about 1.3.8x or at least when I first noticed. Seems to write
(create) the files to tape fine. In the latest kernels I get part of the
file restored, the tape rewinds followed by a segmentation fault message.

Not long ago there was discussion of scsi tape driver problems but at that
time the discussion did not appear to relate to my particular problems.

Config here:

Archive Viper 150 scsi tape
Adaptec 1542-C
kernel 1.3.100 elf
libc 5.3.12
gcc 2.7.2
tar 1.11.8

I've been waiting through about the last 20 kernel releases to find a fix
but none seems to be coming so thought it was time to raise the issue.
Could this be a scsi tape driver problem? I wish somebody with a similar
config would test restoring files. Thanks.


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