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SubjectRe: wish list
> > It would also be good to get rid of raw keyboard mode.
> We don't need to get rid of it. We need a hardcoded sequence of
> the alt-ctrl-shift-meta-space variety that forces the mode back. The
> problem with this is emacs has taken all such sequences already ;)

There is a patch which implements the SAK (Ctrl-SysRq by default, root
can change it) and which makes it and Ctrl-Alt-Del work in raw mode.
At the very least, if things get messed up, you can at least do a clean
shutdown. Are there any reasons why this patch isn't in the standard
kernel yet?

As for the 2.0 wish list, here is what I would add to it:
- SAK and Ctrl-Alt-Del working in raw mode as said above
- working allocation of large memory blocks (either that or mark the ftape
as module option EXPERIMENTAL - it won't load except just after booting
because it can't find free contiguous 32KB of DMAble memory)
- kernel PLL updated to the current xntpd specs
- iBCS in the standard kernel (module or compiled in)
- serial console, I think there is a patch for that available somewhere

I hope these things can be done in time, before networking is stable :)


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