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SubjectRe: Question Re: PPP speed
Cerberus said:
> On Sun, 12 May 1996, Gary Abrahams wrote:
> > When under linux and I ftp somthing from one of our ftp sites
> > ftp says that the max speed I get is about 2.4 k / sec but under Windoze
> > 95 I get 25K sec? - This is to the same site under the same
> > internet provider at approx. same time.

25Kbyte/sec is an impressive modem...

> I think Linux FTP is giving you speed in KByte/sec (IE about
> 2.4KBytes/sec is average for a 24,000 connection), where as Windows 95 (I
> know WS_FTP32 does this) reports speed in KBits/sec. Remember - 8 bits =
> 1 Byte, so if the speed was about 8x in Windows 95, then it would be
> accurate. I'm not quite sure why it would be 10x faster, except that
> maybe you connected at 24,000 under Linux and maybe 26,400 (or 28.800)
> under Windows 95.

Maybe to sound even faster, windows is counting stop and start bits (thiis
would be 10 or 11X the byte rate) or the K is a metric kilo (1000) not a binary
one (1024). Do you remember when Hardisks got 2.5% bigger just by changing what
is a 'K'.

Jon. <,>

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