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SubjectRe: Century Linux!

Linus Torvalds wrote:

> The 1.3.100 kernel is out there, go and get it. People who thought I couldn't
> count that high and would overflow to 2.0 were mistaken - there is still
> roughly 10 days to go until that particular deadline..

I get tcpdump segfaulting at using any sort of ruleset. In the
.98 version of the kernel, it used to complain about parse errors and
exit, now it just segfaults. I'm using eth0 as an interface. I
believe a friend of mine using ppp had this problem too. From what I
can see from the strace, it snarfs in the first three or so packets
and segfaults. I'm wondering if it's the number of packets or the
type of packet that it dislikes.



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