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SubjectTcp problems (with solaris)
Ok, I'm not sure what exactly is causing this problem, but its weird.

Basically, I have a sun ultrasparc. No problems with it until yesterday,
when we moved a heavily-hit web site on to it. Now if I telnet from linux
(kernels 1.3.100, 1.99.2, 1.3.91) to the sun, I get very slow, patchy
responses. (Best seen doing that great old test of holding down a key for a
long time.)

The odd bit is, if I start a connection to the sun via an xterm I don't get
the problem. Nor do I going from the sun to linux. And neither going from
the sun->router->sun. I really can't think of anything going wrong here
(collisions aren't excessively high or anything), the repeaters aren't

Happens to connections via rlogin too. Is it some deeply broken bit of
solaris 2.5? (Not that that would suprise anyone)

Output from tcpdump available on request, its a bit large to post here.

Ethernet cards are both digital PCI DC21040, (de434/5 driver), and ne2000
on the other machine.

It appears to be linux specific?

Giles Douglas - - Online Magic NY - 212 373 0234

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