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SubjectRe: Century Linux!
Hello Linus, hello all,

>1.3.100 does:
> - Java support. No, I don't care much for this either (and it's not as if I

is it possible to include this message (version does)
in the patch? A good place would be Documentation/Announce.
The kernel mailing list ist too slow, actually I got the 1.3.100 message today
but i'm already installed 1.99.1 and ftped 1.99.2 (will compile it soon).
If the message would be included we all could learn what was changed in the
actual release.

Btw, we run 1.3.100 fine at our ISP's machine:

[548]bash# uname -a
Linux lilly 1.3.100 #2 Fri May 10 17:07:09 MET DST 1996 i586
[549]bash# uptime
1:04am up 2 days, 7:33, 16 users, load average: 0.30, 0.50, 0.64

keep up the good work


x(f,s,c)char *s;{return f&1 ? *s ? *s-c ? x(f,++s,c) :7[s]:0:f&2
? x(--f,"!/*,xq-ih9]c$=le&M t)r\nm@p31n%ag.8}Sdoy",c):f&4 ? *s ?
x(f,s+1,putchar(x(f-2,"^&%!*)",*s))) : 0 : 0;}main(){return x(4,
"]!x/mhicn$!iihle&!x/mhiM$agimr%p !r@p%he&!x/mhiM !r@p%he",65);}

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