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SubjectGP in pre2.0.3

After a long time with linux, I got my first (!!) system crash today.
It happend a short time after booting a fresh-compiled pre-2.0.3

Here is what the syslog says:

darkstar kernel: general protection: 0000
darkstar kernel: CPU: 0
darkstar kernel: EIP: 0010:[<0013a29c>]
darkstar kernel: EFLAGS: 00013202
darkstar kernel: eax: f000ff53 ebx: 0001d7f8 ecx: 00252410 edx: f000ff52
darkstar kernel: esi: 00000000 edi: 002524ac ebp: 000000dc esp: 0180ff44
darkstar kernel: ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
darkstar kernel: Process Xaccel-elf (pid: 112, process nr: 19, stackpage=0180f000)
darkstar kernel: Stack: 01774410 0177460c 014a7768 00000001 f000ff52 00000000 002524ac 00252410
darkstar kernel: 00138c97 0177460c 014a76e4 00000000 0013345a 014a7768 00000000 014a76e4
darkstar kernel: 014a76e4 bffff7f8 bffff7ac 00133679 014a7768 0189bdc0 0011ff9c 014a76e4
darkstar kernel: Call Trace: [<00138c97>] [<0013345a>] [<00133679>] [<0011ff9c>] [<00120002>] [<0010a365>]
darkstar kernel: Code: 8b 50 30 85 d2 74 1c 80 7a 7f 00 74 16 81 ba 90 00 00 00 6c

I happend shortly after starting X (Accelerated-X 1.2 ELF). The system
was totally frozen, I had to hard-reset it.

I never got this before, and it seems that I can't reproduce it anymore
(I did about 10 reboots, and it didn't show up again).

Normally, my system runs _very_ stable (no random segfaults, sig11 or

- /AS/ powered by Linux -

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