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SubjectI/O disk errors....
Hello all!

I'm wondering if any one of you got "end_request: I/O error...on hda.."
errors, and if so, what did you do to resolve the problem.

I am getting these disk i/o errors - which by the way...say they are
"....uncorrectable error(s)...." - whilst running the taper (backup
program - ver 6.5.?). So far I've seen two different sector locations
where the system came accross these uncorrectable errors, needless to
say, I did manually record the "LBA sector" and "sector" locations
for both of these errors. (Obviously, there may be more.)

I only have one IDE hard disk(hda) on the machine in question. I'm
running the Slackware distribution with kernel version 1.3.83.

I'm thinking there must be some way to mark these as bad so I can
complete the backup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If any one of you need to know more info about my setup..just let me

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!


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