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SubjectRe: Linux Logo prototype.
|On Thu, 9 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:
|> I was unable to find a globe that displayed more than the Americas. As a
|> result I resorted to a map of the world instead.


|Then we can do a larger version with some more detail (maybe leaning
|against a globe of the world, but I don't think we really want to give
|any "macho penguin" image here about Atlas or anything). That more
|detailed version can spank billy-boy to tears for all I care, or play
|ice-hockey with the FreeBSD demon. But the simple, single penguin would
|be the logo, and the others would just be that cuddly penguin being used
|as an actor in some tableau.

OK, so we have a pudgy penguin sitting on top of the World satiated and
bean-bag like. My original Atlas style suggestion couldn't be made
anatomically correct, a penguin's flippers, vestiges of wings, are much
too short; if for no other reason this makes it a bad idea :-)

Leonard Zuboff's idea of the Earth with a 3-D LINUX banner encircling
it is germane as he pointed out: Linux's global development and support.
Alternately, the penguin could be wearing a sash with LINUX on it.

Since a spherical depiction of the Earth limits what land masses would
be shown, a planar view (projection) might be better. The Hammer equal
area or Robinson projections produce a bowl like image of the World
showing it in its entirety. Also, this would provide a platform on
which the penguin sits.

I'm using the words Globe, Earth, and World interchangeably, that
vehicle on which we are all passengers.

References: Oxford Atlas of the World
National Geographic Atlas of the World.

Enjoy the weekend.
Louis-ljl-{ |}

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