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SubjectShallow kernel hacker describes kernel wierdness
I don't delve into the guts, but I do a lot with my system and it's always
kept revved up to the current kernel version.

Something changed exactly with 1.3.99 that affected my routing table. I
am still looking around trying to figure out befores and afters,
but I am sure of this, and I think it either occurred as a result of fixing
a bug (that I was using implicitly as a feature) or else is a new bug in the

When I tear down my ppp connection, I now have to issue the command

route add <myhostname>

In order to "talk to myself" again through the dummy interface. That route
is installed automatically by an rc. script at boottime, but is somehow
being trashed as part of teardown. It was never a problem before.

This may be a red flag for somebody.


Brian Capouch
Saint Joseph's College

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