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SubjectAnother nfsclnt release

Hi all,

I've put another version of my new nfsclnt on
in /pub/linux/okir/dontuse. It hopefully fixes most problems people
have been having with version 0.3.12. There are three problems left at least,
though. One concerns situtations with low memory; IP fragment reassembly
may fail under these circumstances and produce annoying syslog messages.
This is not fatal, though. Another problem is that from time to time,
replies may not be dispatched immediately. I'm still hunting this one.
Finally, I've occasionally seen a syslog message saying `double lock on
socket.' I've no clue what would cause this.

Please pound on it hard, and send me any problem reports.

Have a nice day,
Olaf Kirch | --- o --- Nous sommes du soleil we love when we play | / | \ sol.dhoop.naytheet.ah
For my PGP public key, finger

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