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Subjectlinux-1.3.100: make oldconfig JAVA help bug
after running make oldconfig with my 1.3.99 .config file,
When hitting "?" at the prompt:
the following is output:

Kernel support for JAVA binaries (CONFIG_BINFMT_JAVA) [N/y/m/?] (NEW) ?

JAVA binaries are becoming a universal executable format. This
option allows Java binaries and Java Applets to be handled invisibly
to the OS. As more and more Java programs become available, the use
for this will gradually increase. If you want to use this, read the
Java on Linux HOWTO, available via ftp (user: anonymous) at In order to execute Java binaries,
you will also need to install the Java Developers Kit. If you disable
this option it will reduce your kernel by about one page. This is not
much and by itself does not warrant removing support. However its
removal is a good idea if you do not have the JDK installed. If you
don't know what to answer at this point then answer Y. You may answer
M for module support and later load the module when you install the
JDK or find a interesting Java program that you can't live without.
Processor type
This is the processor type of your CPU. It is used for optimizing
purposes. In order to compile a kernel that can run on all CPU types
(albeit not optimally fast), you can specify "386" here. If you
specify "486" or "Pentium" or "PPro", then the kernel will run on
486 and Pentium (=586) and Pentium Pro (=686) CPUs. In rare cases,
it can make sense to specify "Pentium" even if running a 486: the
kernel will be smaller but slower. On the other hand, if you use a

presumably this is a mistake.


Hefe-a a Dey!
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Wesley Tanaka

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