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SubjectRe: your mail
I have the same problem.  I know that I have good stuff and all the
right answers to the questions. Also, ifconfig'ing eth0 now adds a
route entry saying that the machine is not here but somewhere out there
on the net. If I don't delete that improper route entry, I start getting
socket distroy delayed messages. As for ifconfig reporting the wrong
io address, when did this change? Until very recently, it was reporting
everything correctly.

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> > In 1.3.99, the 8390 support seems completely broken, and 1.3.98 it was
> > marginally usable. In '99, eth0: WD8013 reports 0x300 as the IO
> > address, but in ifconfig, it says 0x310. Really strange. In '98,
> Its supposed to, it always has. Read the ethernet howto.
> > ethernet seems to crash randomly or become really slow. Transfer rates
> > dropped to half what it was in the 1.3.70-series kernels. Wierd... Any
> > ideas what's happening?
> For everyone else they have gone up about 20%. Do you have a bad
> clone of some sort by any chance. Do you have an SMC ultra and an adaptec
> scsi card, have you got caching disabled correctly for the WD8013 card
> space, have you got an 8 bit card in the same 128K isa bus space, are
> you running the ISA bus over 8MHz.
> Does 1.2.13 work ?
> Alan


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