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Subjectre: NTFS Filesystem?
Paolo and everyone:

I have been thinking about this for a while also. I know
that Microsoft says (implicitly) that it is impossible to make
a bootable diskette that has support for NTFS. (Well, they
don't have any way to make it -- the drivers they use are too
large.) It would be great to use one filesystem format for
both operating systems. Does anyone have any information on
the filesystem layout that NTFS uses?

Original Text
From: Paolo Pierini <>, on 5/6/96 9:20 AM:
To: <>

A very simple question from a newcomer on this list.

I have a dual boot Linux 1.3.97 / Windows NT 3.51 installation
(ok, shame on me, but please don't start a flame war asking me why
I have WNT installed on my machine :-) )
I am quite happy since NTLDR.COM behaves nicely with respect to my
MBR and I can have lilo boot either linux or NT.

I would also like, however, to have access to the NTFS disk on
the system. Is this possible? Or, I should say, is somebody
working on that? I guess it's not a straightforward thing
and not many people want it in the first place...


Paolo Pierini: Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Lab. LASA / Via Cervi, 201 / I-20090 Segrate (MI), Italy

Tel: x39-2-2392-560

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