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SubjectCentury Linux!



The 1.3.100 kernel is out there, go and get it. People who thought I couldn't
count that high and would overflow to 2.0 were mistaken - there is still
roughly 10 days to go until that particular deadline..

1.3.100 does:
- Java support. No, I don't care much for this either (and it's not as if I
had tested it), but it's good for marketing reasons. You can answer N to the
question about it and you'll never see it, but on the other hand you can
show it off to your friends if you want to.. And the loader is small and
clean, so it's not as if we're doing hacks here..
- minor floppy/ide-cd/ide driver updates (ide irq sharing was broken in 98/99)
- more sanity checks in the random driver
- msbusmouse can change the irq (whee)
- IN2000 cleanups (remove old 1.2.x compilation compatibility code etc)
- fat filesystem update (should work with loopback and 1kB sector disks again)
- Silly ARP buglet fix (thanks Alan)

Go out and spread the message of joy,


PS. There's a pretty nifty penguin out there: check out my current favourite on

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