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11 May 1996

  Re: "" patch(Steffen Grunewald)
[New] [104] Linux kernels will not uncompress on a PC/104 386 board. why?? <[email protected] ...
[New] no swap partition bigger than 16MB [YAP]Alexandre Maret
  Re: Sysklogd 1.3 and later kernels"Andrew E. Mileski"
  Re: Java in OS?(Thomas Quinot)
[New] Shallow kernel hacker describes kernel wierdness <[email protected] ...
  Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?(Thomas Quinot)
  Re: Java in OS?Coolio
[New] Re: Why touch the CMOS clock?"Ulrich Windl"
[New] 1.3.99Peter Jones
  Re: ideas(Mike Castle)
  Re: filenamesMick J Hellstrom
  Re: Revamped NFS async IO code(Mike Castle)
  Re: menuconfig broke in 1.3.97?DUPRE Christophe
  Re: Patch to include animal namesShinanyaku
[New] 1.3.x and sendmail..."Edward S. Marshall"
  Re: clone() and pthreads?Tom May
  Re: .98 general protection faults too!Michael Nelson
  Re: LyX: A great word processor/Was Re: Linux logo"Tracy R. Reed"
[New] POP3 and 1.3.99 - HELP!!!!"Alan K. Adamson"
  Re: fork problems (zombie children)Robert L Krawitz
  Re: NO core dump(Marko Meyer)
  Re: Linux logoMatthew Kramer
  Re: NO core dump"Bryan C. Andregg"
[New] Major Problems with Kernels above 1.3.97"Gerald L. Gay"
[New] Re: wish listAlbert Cahalan
[New] 1.3.98 and floppy.o(x10)
  Re: Java in OS?Steven L Baur
  Re: ideas"J. Sean Connell"
  Re: fork problems (zombie children)"Larry 'Daffy' Daffner"
[New] 1.3.99 typoTANAKA Yoshitomo
[New] re: NTFS Filesystem? <[email protected] ...
[New] Re: /proc/cflags [PATCH] [take two] Was: animal namesJoe Fouche
[New] A proposal for the v2.0 logo"Carlo E. Prelz"
  Re: Linux logoIan main
  Re: dropping kerneld...lilo
[New] hfs module(Jim Kaufman)
  Re: Linux logoAlan Cox
[New] kmouseAaron Ucko
[New] typo and implicit declaration in amigafs.c (1.3.99)Delepine Jean Charles
[New] Re: NTFS Filesystem?Warner Losh
  Re: your mailDavid Flood
[New] ext2 compression thingKevin M Bealer
[New] Re: 1.3.98 Network Errors"Ulrich Windl"
[New] linux-1.3.100: make oldconfig JAVA help bug(Wesley Tanaka)
  Re: Linux logoBryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] Fixed paths in the kernel?Johan Myréen
[New] adding another 16meg to make 32megMichael Mansour
  Re: Linux logo"Jeff Coy Jr."
[New] Re: NTFS Filesystem?"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: [Q] Syquest Major Numbers?"Grant R. Guenther"
  Re: NO core dump"Dr. Werner Fink"
[New] Tagged queueingChris Evans
[New] 1.3.98 Error MessagesMatt Mc Namara
  Re: Bug in serial line hangup code ?"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  Re: A suggestion to all developersMatty
[New] Boot sectorAlbert Cahalan
[New] Another nfsclnt releaseOlaf Kirch
[New] kernel header file problem (?)(Wesley Tanaka)
[New] libg++ and ldconfig"Nicholas J. Leon"
  Re: ideasBrian M Grunkemeyer
  Re: Linux logoHenrik Storner
[New] 1.3.98 and ps..(Roeland Th. Jansen)
[New] login and strange text(Roeland Th. Jansen)
[New] kernel panic!!!Liam Hudson
  Re: memoryAlan Cox
  Re: Is .99 it?Alan Cox
  Re: LyX: A great word processor/Was Re: Linux logoRussell Berry
[New] Problem with RootNFSBartlomiej Czardybon
  Re: Slow ethernet/NE2000 with all 1.3 kernels (1.2 is fine)SkiBum
  Re: Linux logoMatthew Kramer
[New] Re: Linux Logo prototype."Louis J. LaBash Jr."
[New] Syslog Message 1.3.97Matt Mc Namara
  Re: Logging More Messages?(Mike Castle)
[New] I/O disk errors...."DPD"
[New] Re: Linux logoWarner Losh
[New] Change in 1.3.99 breaks perl4.036 running mirror-2.3Michael Meissner
  Re: Linux logo"J. Sean Connell"
[New] Re: As 2.0 looms(Alan Cox)
  Re: 1.3.97 make warningsBryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] mc"Wong P.K."
  Re: Logging More Messages?lilo
[New] route/ifconfig and .99David Monro
[New] Solution to socket destroyJared Mauch
[New] modules and linux-1.3.{99,100}(Michael Elkins)
  Re: reported cache size??:sillymlord
[New] "Long of Tooth""Alan V. Shackelford"
[New] Re: "" patchPaul Gortmaker
  Re: LyX: A great word processor/Was Re: Linux logo"Tracy R. Reed"
[New] Re: memoryJoseph Dickson
[New] 1.3.99: ARP code BROKEN ? (at least in ppp...)Cristian Gafton
  Re: arp-recv in 13.99lilo
  Re: Bug in serial line hangup code ? (Final solution [maybe])"Theodore Y. Ts'o"
  Re: Linux Logo prototype.Gary Dezern
  Re: fork problems (zombie children)Tom Zerucha
  'nodev proc'Yeechang Lee
[New] Re: memoryJoseph Dickson
[New] Re: Bug in serial line hangup code ? (Final solution [maybe])Peter Fox
[New] patch to add /proc/sys/kernel/java-{interpreter,appletviewer}Mike Shaver
  Re: Printing with .98?(Brad Pepers)
[New] Re: Linux Logo prototype. (fwd)Nick Andrew
[New] 1.3.99: Easy way to get an Oops [email protected] ...
[New] Re: "" patch"Ulrich Windl"
  Re: 8390 support in late 1.3.9x kernelsAxel Kohlmeyer
[New] eth0: bogus packet"Ulrich Windl"
[New] Scheduler and ISRs (Timer)Balaji Srinivasan
  Re: your mailAlan Cox
  Re: 1.3.99 breaks loopback device?Kayvan Sylvan
  Re: 1.3.99 breaks loopback device?Alan Cox
[New] Century Linux!Linus Torvalds
  Re: 1.3.91 / apache 1.0.3Julio Sanchez
  Re: 1.3.99 breaks loopback device?Alan Cox
  Re: > 64 MB of RAMEdward Dunagin
[New] problems getting 1.3.97 up and running with all the things listed ...Barry Fujii
[New] Under 1.3.100 "Warning - running *really* short on DMA buffers"Dan McLaughlin
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