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SubjectRe: X-Windows

I solved my X windows keyboard/mouse lock-ups! I had a 100% microsoft
mouse, you know the pretty white ergonomic ones with 2 buttons. Well, I
switched to a cheapo $13, 3 button mouse. I'm not sure if it was the
mouse or the driver that was causing my problem though, I switched over to
the Mouse Systems driver so that I could use the third button. So the
problem actually could have been a microsoft driver that didn't like my
mouse (Maybe Bill Gates could write a real Microsoft driver for Linux :) ).
The keyboard and mouse haven't locked in several days now. I also am
enjoying the third button. I really don't know what the culprit was
though, and I really don't want to just throw my old mouse out, it would
be nice to know what the problem really is, but I'm not experienced in
mouse drivers (Or any other drivers for that matter).


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