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SubjectRe: ext2 problems on fast-wide SCSI-2
Date (Stephen Tweedie) writes:
> Mishelle Bradford writes:
> > Swap partitions can only be a max of 16MB in size, last I heard, and there
> > can be a total of 8 swap partitions.
> Nope. The current limit is 128MB per swap partition --- we use a
> single page (4K) to hold the lock map, with one bit required per 4MB
> of swap, which works out at 4096*8*4k = 128MB.

#pragma pedant :-)

You forgot the swap space signature "SWAP-SPACE" at the end of the
first page. This makes the size:
( PAGE_SIZE - 10 ) * 8 * PAGE_SIZE

This is 127.6875 MB on Linux machines with 4K pages, and (I assume)
511.375 MB on Linux machines (Alpha) with 8K pages.

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