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SubjectBug?! when logging partition scan (Was: Re: Logging More Messages?)
BTW, I found some annoying misbehaviour of the logging system and klogd.

When the kernel does a partition scan at run time (for example, after using
fdisk or with a removable fixed disk), klogd and/or /proc/kmsg is heavily

It repeats all messages in the in kernel buffer again. I *assume*
that this is somehow related to the partition msgs not being printed in
one printk but a bunch of them.

This is very inconvenient, esp. as I frequently use a MOD and as I now run
a new ELF setup (oh geez.. to install an ELF system is really a pain) on a
slower secondary disk in parallel to my still working a.out setup.

As syslogd seems to fsync his logfiles often the disk where the log files
live goes actually havoc when a disk change on the MOD is detected. Spewing
out the logs needs now a few seconds whereas the actual mount operation is
more or less instantious.

This is a long existing problem (still in 1.3.83). I wonder if anyone
except me ever noticed it?


( or
Please do not use my vm or de0hrz1a accounts anymore. In case of real
problems reaching me try instead.)

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