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SubjectRe: System Information
On  5 May 96 at 16:03, Andrew C. Esh wrote:

> Here's some flame bait: How about reformatting the /proc files so they
> appear more like /proc/cpuinfo? Each item and its associated value is
> on a separate line. It seems to me this would make it easier to write
> an SI that has to "feel around" for the values in a changing /proc
> file (changing per kernel revision). The SI could probably use all
> the /proc files as they are, but to make it flexible enough to keep up
> with file changes, the SI would have to use scripts or very complex
> file description language to define the location of the information
> it's looking for. I don't think something like that would be easy for
> the average kernel consumer to maintain. I realize this would make
> some of the /proc files less readable, but they wouldn 't have to be:
> we would use the SI for that. Just a thought.

What I think is needed, is a standard library to allow access to the
data held in all the procps files. Then when the format changes, you
dont have the hassle of having to update all the user programs, you
just need to ship a new libprocps with the kernel sources.


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