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SubjectRe: [masq] Masq with kernel 1.3.98???

On Mon, 6 May 1996, Graham Mitchell wrote:

> On 5 May 96 at 14:32, wrote:
> > I recently upgraded my kernel from 1.2.13 to 1.3.92, luckily everything in
> > masq still ran smoothly (FTP, etc...) Now I upgraded to 1.3.98 and nothing
> > works anymore... It seems a little strange to me that IP Masquerading could
> > go from working so well, to barely working at all. Could there be something
> > which I compiled wrong in my kernel, I get "can't create socket" errors and
> > the such. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> I've just upgraded too, and for some unknown, bizzare reason, FTP
> works for me again!! WITHOUT PASV moed either....:)) IRC now works to
> the point where I can get the servers motd, but the connection dies
> with a ping?pong error. Netscape however, still doesnt work AT
> ALL...:(( It just sits there, saying its contacted the host, and its
> waiting for a reply. Ive checked my logs here, and there are no 'cant
> create socket' errors at all.
> Graham
> Ask not what you can do for your country,
> but what your government is doing to you
I've masqueraded 20 something Macs using MacTCP (yeah Macs suck but
the networking is kinda easy) through a linux machine I set up at
school that uses a 28.8 PPP connection... and everything works
fine! (Netscape, telnet, irc, & Netscape ftp) I masquerade all the IPs
with the command
ipfwadm -F -a masq -P all -S -D
(I think, maybe the syntax is a little off, Im writing from memory)
I use kernel 1.3.95 tho, and am hesitant to upgrade to more recent
versions considering all the scary stories from this mailing list,
especially the one about masquerading being broken!
Masquerading is a wonderful thing, a natural by-product of a cool
operating system like linux (its a wonder not all power mongers
dont wipe dos off and install linux, I guess because linux doesnt
get as much $$$ as microsoft and therfore can't put advertisements
on TV and magazines)

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