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Subject[Q] Syquest Major Numbers?
In looking over the 1.3.99 patches I noticed a change to the
devices.txt file. There it comments on a new major device number for
SyQuest Drives (EZ135).

No place else, however, can I find any logic or support for them. I
have one and I know that it just appears as any other IDE
device. Additional support seems unneeded.

Why then, is there a reserved major number for it? It doesn't seem to
/do/ anything .... unless, perhaps, we're talking about the Parallel
port version? (In which case, that should be noted in device.txt).

Just a little confused ... (as always) ...

Gee! 1.3.99 ... we're getting close ... lets just hope we don't have a
Simpering Weasel version between now and then ....

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