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SubjectRe: dropping kerneld...

I couldn't believe some of the posts in this thread.

One guy wanted it out because he couldn't get his computers to boot
and blamed kerneld for it....and as someone else pointed out he had
forgotten to load arpd (or something like that) so basically it's his
fault his computers didn't boot.

Someone else came up with the rather ignorant and arrogant statement
"get more ram".
Here's a free clue bus ticket - more RAM costs money. Some of us don't
have that kind of money. It's not from lack of want that we don't max
out the motherboard with as much RAM as can fit. Some of us just don't
have $60,000+ jobs where we can write off ram for our personal machines as
a work expense on our tax returns.

I'm trying to avoid flaming here - because I'm quite irate.

If you don't want kerneld, DON'T PICK THAT OPTION. Many more _do_ want
it. I don't want SCSI support in my kernel, so how about I propose we
remove SCSI support from all kernels from now on? How about networking
support - I'm sure some people don't want that, or have had problems with
it, so let's remove networking support from the kernel!
Here's an idea, how about we just remove the entire kernel? That way
no-one can complain about support for things they don't want/need.

Furthermore, if you've had problems compiling or using the kernel modules
package, stiff! It's YOUR PROBLEM - either find a solution or don't use
the package. Just because _you_ have had problems is still no reason
to remove kernel support for something - many people are using it happily
with no probs. Heck, you might put your two brain cells together and
maybe find out a way of contacting them and ask for assistance?

VOTE 1 kerneld/module support!

*clink clink*

-- Matt

| "I believe there comes a time when everything just falls in line. We |
| live and learn from our mistakes, the deepest cuts are healed by faith" |
| Pat Benetar, "All Fired Up" |

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