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SubjectRe: System Information
On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Dave Wreski wrote:

> On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Matt Hartley wrote:
> > I am interested in a System Information program. I don't know how many
> > of you have used Norton Utilities, WinProbe, Quarterdeck Manifest, or hell,
> > even MSD (Microsoft Debugging Utilit - comes with MSDOS), but I believe
> > we could all make like easier on each other if we had a standard way of
> > reporting the information of a system.
> > So I guess I have two questions. One, does something like this exist out
> > there?? And two, I have noticed most of the information is already on
> > the system, through various means such as /dev/kmem or /proc, the info
> > given from the netstat, df, and dmesg commands, and through a listing of
> > all the /lib stuff (for vers of libc etc). Does this sound like a project
> > that needs to be taken up?

If you are going to take this project , I would be more than happy to work with
you in such a project

I would appreciate if you keep me posted for any plan in this regards.


> I definately think it is, and I would love to help you. I was going to
> choose this as my senior project for my undergrad, but it was just before
> the last KHG (Kern hackers guide) and there wasn't enough information for me.
> Not only would it aid in future development, but it would also help in
> generating bug reports, and general acct/system maintence.
> Looking forward to working with you..
> Dave Wreski
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