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SubjectRe: If we're "voting" on kerneld. . .
Anno Domini 29 Apr 96 at 14:30, wrote:

> Here's another that we keep it in. What does it hurt?
> I like it primarily because it's sorta "gee-whizzish" and I can
> brag to my friends about the advanced features of Linux vis a vis
> the other kids in town.

I don't see much macho 'bragging' about broken feature..

kerneld may, note MAY, be usefull one day. It's present incarnation
brings only grief and unnecessary whine to this list.

I'm also well aware that some of our unfortunate brethen HAS to work
with underpowered hardware, for them kerneld appears to be vital.
Life is not fair..

I still don't see any use for kerneld on 'normal' systems. The only
use I would have for it, would be to handle lp (printer) and ppa (Zip-
drive) intelligently. I just wonder what would happed if I tried to
mount my Zip-drive while printing a large job. How would kerneld
know that it should NOT 'rmmod' the lp-driver while the printing is
going on. Wise versa, if I were dumping a backup to the Zip-drive
and then started printjob from another console, what would happen ?

The abowe mentioned problem I'm gonna solve by getting second
parallelport, no fuss.

Thought for the day:
A penny saved is ridiculous.

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