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SubjectRe: FreeVMS?
On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Jeff Johnson wrote:

>>>>> I know that this is not the most appropriate place the ask, but is there
>>>>> any development on a VMS clone?? A VMS for x86 and other hardware could be
>>>>> particularly interesting...
>>>> You're kidding, right?
>>> No... :-)
>> you were right. this is not the most appropriate place the ask. it's
>> not even close enough to get a good answer.

agreed... does linux-kernel translate to
"ask-any-old-question-you-want-about-operating-systems" in esperanto or
something? from the traffic on this list (not just this message) it
would seem a likely answer.

> Then where can I find out more information pertaining to the subject.

NOT HERE. if you want info on linux, feel free to read this list or
check out as for VMS go look on Yahoo or
something. what the hell, are we your internet roadmap or something?

> Someone must have thought of this before.

not necessarily.. and i think the fact that (to my knowledge) no one on
this list has thought of this speaks volumes about VMS...


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