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SubjectRe: 1.3.97 doesnt compile and will not compile with 2940
	Hrm.. I wonder why I got it to work when I rebuilt the
kernel earlier today.

It's got a 2940, and 3 3g disks in it (they're cheap folks), and
has been running since I reset it about 9 hours ago to install the new kernel.

- Jared

Tigran Aivazian just happened to explain this to us:
> Hi guys,
> Sorry I have to be quick but basically the problem is that 1.3.97 will
> not compile if you have aha2940 scsi adapter. The problem is in the file
> aic7xxx.seq which even being renamed to aic7xxx_seq.h doesnt work.
> Got to go to bed - too tired,
> Tigran.

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