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SubjectRe: Looking for help with kernel options
On Tue, 30 Apr 1996 wrote:
> > Boot your system with LILO, and hit one of the alt, control, or
> > shift keys when it first comes up to get a prompt. LILO
> > should respond with
> >
> > :
> >
> > At this prompt, you can select a kernel image to boot, or list
> > them with ?. Ie
> >
> > :?
> When I boot my system I get a prompt,

This is the prompt there talking about, I think that the documentation
that you have is either old, or starting for a differnat point of view
(they obvolusly have there lilo set to not prompt by default, hense the
Alt/Ctrl/Shift/...). Hitting tab should let you see the options (it's
proberbly the same as a '?', I'm not going to reboot to have a look ;)

> to which I have options to respond with dos or linux.

Yep, type 'linux <commandlineoptions>', eg:

LILO: linux super_duper_command_line_option=wizzy_go_faster_option

> I tried starting over and booting off my boot disk (floppy) that I made
> to see if I could come up with the ":" prompt somehow.
> I've gone off the deep end somewhere.

Don't worry, if you hit tab, you'll get something like this:

linux dos

The LILO comes from the loading of LILO's various bits, it's not really
part of the prompt. (just to confuse you, my version of LILO has 'boot:'
as it's prompt)

> Anyone have any idea how I need to enter my kernel command line options
> at boot? What constitues "Boot your system with LILO"?

just typeing them in after linux when you get the LILO prompt.

> Can I just add the kernel command line options to the /etc/lilo.conf file?
> If so, where?

Yep, just stick in an:

in your lilo.conf file, the "" quotes are important ('' ones don't work).
> --
> Thanks,
> JT
PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
again :( | initiated.
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