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SubjectRe: mcdx.c (1.3.93) + Audio Player Workman = system freezes

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Matthias Suencksen wrote:

> I have expierenced a system freeze with the new mitsumi CD-ROM
> driver mcdx.c. I use the 1.3.93 kernel on a 486 and a FX-001D
> CD-ROM-Drive, mcdx as module.

This is in fact not the only problem with mcdx.c. Since there seems to be
no longer support for this driver by the original author, I decided to do
the cleanup. The corrections necessary to make this beast work fine,
where rather large. So therefore I will post mcdx-2.1 at sunsite/Incoming
tomorrow. Try it out please.

Marcin Dalecki

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