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SubjectRe: Whee, Greased HedgeHog on Steroids, take 2
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Ok, the latest kernel is available on the normal sites, and this one
> integrates preliminary ufs (for sparc) and m68k support. The patch is
> huge due to that - there are almost no other changes.
> Ok, you can relax now, I've integrated the two things I promised to
> integrate (68k and sparc), and there won't be any more of these huge
> patches. At least the 68k support is not 100% there yet - some issues are
> still not handled - but the bulk of it is in.
> For non-sparc, non-68k machines, this release mainly cleans up some SMP
> issues and fixes some masquerading stuff.

OK, I went back and found this message from a week ago, and just now
I noticed that the version number is not mentioned. Being somewhat
feeble-minded, and overwhelmed by all the traffic on this list,
I decided to devise a one-to-one conversion table for version digits.
This will save me the trouble of guessing which version this "Greased
HedgeHog" nomenclature is referring to.

Informal names will be made up of an adjective, a small animal,
A verb which is being performed by the small animal, and a substance
or object being operated on by the verb. The specific words are
determined my the digit of the version number.


1 Greased
2 Turbocharged
3 Supercharged
4 Stealthy
5 Electrified
6 Tired
7 Crazy
8 Dyslexic
9 Unbeatable


0 Chicken (which came first?)
1 GroundHog
2 Ostrich
3 HedgeHog
4 Penguin
5 Kitten
6 Owl
7 Shrew
8 Rabbit
9 Hawk

SUBLEVEL (Digit 1)

0 doing
1 selling
2 feeling the effects of
3 spewing
4 needing
5 buying
6 handing out
7 whining for
8 looking for
9 on

SUBLEVEL (Digit 2)

1 Quaaludes
2 Prozac
3 Pot
4 Whiskey
5 Steroids
6 Warm Milk
7 Hot Java
8 Mountain Dew (Caffeine laced Soda Pop)
9 Jolt Cola (Same as above, but "Twice the Caffeine", as they say on the label.)

Kernel 1.1.18 was a Greased GroundHog selling Mountain Dew.
Kernel 1.3.95 is a Greased HedgeHog on Steroids.
Kernel 2.0.(0)0 will be a TurboCharged Chicken doing LSD.

If you'd like, I could write a PERL script which will scan the Makefile
of your current kernel source code and tell you the proper non-numeric
name for that kernel.

Hope this clears things up.

Andrew C. Esh
Computer Network Technology (finger for PGP key)
6500 Wedgwood Road 612.550.8000 (main)
Maple Grove MN 55311 612.550.8229 (direct) - CNT Inc. Home Page - ACE Home Page

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