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SubjectRe: 1.3.85 first impressions

Robert L Krawitz ecrivit:
> 2) PPP performance is down. Yup, you read me right. Connected at
> 28.8, I'm now getting about 9 KB/sec (vs. 10) for a perfectly
> compressible file, and 2.4 (vs. 3.0) for a .gz file. This is to a
> Solaris 2.3 host. Linus, you tired of us screwing with your head or
> something?

I thought I'd add my little bit to the general confusion: I spotted
the following on

> From: Lawrence Kirby <>
> This is a problem that various people are experiencing and has been
> discussed in demon.service. It appears to be down to a bug in Solaris which
> can cause packets to be retransmitted several times. Reducing mru/mtu
> seems to be the most effective fix.

Speaking for myself (connecting to my ISP (demon) via PPP) I've not
seen any differences in speed from 1.3.70 to 1.3.85 that couldn't
simply be put down to the kind of variations you would expect due to
server load at the other end etc. (In particular, 1.3.84 -> 1.3.85
made no noticeable difference at all - sorry Linus).

However, I have to say I got my fastest ever download speed under OS/2
(on a well-compressable file: 5k/s, Linux (same file) 4.1k/s).

I would be the last person to swear my setup is good BTW - I'm very
new to comms.

I'll try having a look with tcpdump once I have my new SCSI drive (I
need somewhere to _put_ the dumps :).

Bye, :E
Eric S. Mountain -

Undetectable errors are infinite; detectable errors by definition are finite.

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