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SubjectRe: Extensions to HFS filesystem
In article <199604300106.SAA04153@Kutta.Stanford.EDU>,
Paul H. Hargrove <> wrote:
>> If both of these are illegal under HFS, consider a special folder for
>> files that don't have the proper number of references. For the case
>> of multiple (hard) links, represent them using some reference into
>> that directory.
> I don't see that this is any better than the UMSDOS trick of
>having hardlinks be symlinks to a hidden file. The potential problems
>with a directory moving are reduced by keeping the files all in one
>location, but I still don't like the idea of the hidden file.

Actually, that is a pretty darn close emulation of the UNIX behaviour.

Consider the filename of the hidden file a "virtual inode number", and
you will see why it works. It pretty much will solve all the semantic
problems. It is still ugly, but I don't think there is a way around


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