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SubjectRe: My personal wish-list
Graham Mitchell wrote:
> On 26 Apr 96 at 16:09, Aaron Fredrick Tiensivu wrote:
> > o 'vmlinuz' created as a symlink pointing to '' , same with
> > That way, no need to go probing to the file looking for version
> > signature.

I already have all my kernels with version numbers.

make zlilo is not necessary, try
$ make zImage && cp boot/arch/i86/zImage /vmlinux-x.x.xx
$ vi /etc/lilo.conf && lilo

make zlilo will automatically install vmlinuz and manage your kernels, which
is great if you are building a stable kernel, and only need one backup.
If you are playing with x.[13579].x you probably want a bit more control over
which kernels you keep around.


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