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SubjectRe: My personal wish-list
On 29 Apr 96 at 12:11, Matthias Urlichs wrote:


> Ah no. A / directory full of heaps of kernels? Move the things to
> /boot/linux-x.y.z. Do the same with the boot RAM disk (ramdisk-x.y.z).
> Either teach the kernel Makefile to add a new entry to lilo.conf, or teach
> lilo to auto-add the kernels it finds in /boot when prompted with an
> appropriate wildcard. E.g.,
> image = /boot/linux-*
> initrd = /boot/disk.*
> label = *
> would scan for all files matching /boot/linux.*, and subsequently replace
> all *s with the part matched (in this case, the version number).

You keep your boot kernels in /....? I've always had mine stuck away
in /boot. The idea about making lilo auto-adding the kernels is a
good one tho.... Maybe something to be looked into? Or is it time we
had a bootfs, with a common, fairly dumb boot loader?


Ask not what you can do for your country,
but what your government is doing to you

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