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SubjectRoot f/s partition destroyed with 1.3.93
I screamed about a similar problem couple of month ago, and did not
get any coherent answers as to why it happened. It looks like
most of the people do not encounter this nonsense.

If you are running a Slackware distribution, I see three possibilities:
- rc.K is a terrible script, disks are never synced, etc.
- the version of init you are using has some nasty bug(s)
- libc functions used by init have bug(s)
The two last points are not Slackware specific, obviously. Don't
know more than this, sorry. After I had repaired my system, I've
had neither time nor inclination to investigate it any further,
but I took a look at sysvinit-2.60, which comes with the debian
rc scripts, and it looks much better, than what Slackware has to
offer, not quite as good as Solaris or DEC/OSF stuff, though. It
also claims to fix a race resulting in the hanging shutdowns,
which a lot of people, including myself have experienced. I am
planning to move to it, when I have time to afford the transition.

Alex Krimkevich

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