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SubjectRe: Extensions to HFS filesystem
On 29 Apr 96 at 16:12, Albert Cahalan wrote:

> > Since Creator and Type are only applicable to files they are
> > not a suitable way to store permissions (besides I don't feel like
> > filling in the forms to register 20480 different Types to catch the
> > octal representations of all the possible modes). However they would
> > provide a way to encode the S_IFMT part of the mode bits, with values
> > such as "LINK" for symbolic links and "CHAR" for character devices.
> > The actual symbolic link or device numbers would end up as the data in
> > the file, which to a Mac would be a normal file.
> I hate the way umsdos does this. Each device file, link, fifo,
> and socket, uses a disk cluster. That's often 16 kB per device file,
> and /dev has quite a few.

I thought device files were zero-length. And even in DOS/FAT
zero-length files do not use any disk cluster (if done correctly). It
would just use one entry in emd.


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