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SubjectRe: 1.3.96 exit_mm breaks nfs as module
On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Mike Castle wrote:

> Amazingly enough Jeff Coy Jr. said:
> > now it will load, but it won't unload:
> >
> > [jcoy@jcoy-ppp][/usr2/users/jcoy] rmmod nfs
> > nfs: Device or resource busy
> > [jcoy@jcoy-ppp][/usr2/users/jcoy] lsmod
> > Module: #pages: Used by:
> > nfs 12 4
> That's because the MOD_COUNT is still greater than one (in this
> case, 4).... you need to kill off the 4 nfsiod's.
> I posted a while back, a hack that made the nfsiod's die when all
> the mount points were gone, but no one ever commented on them.

but i never used nfs at all. that's just it. all i did was a
"modprobe nfs" and the sucker was there to stay. MOD_COUNT should
have been 0. sorry i was not clear on this point.

Why Linux? source code. POSIX. tcpip. job control. support from the authors.
drivers for most hardware. because one terminal or process is never enough.
forget the other O/Ss, i use Linux- the choice of a GNU generation.

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