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SubjectRe: Solved: 1.3.94: open () still slower than 1.2.13
On Apr 26,  3:47pm, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> This is a real problem for development, actually - most of the people
> who test out the development kernels have reasonably high-end hardware,
> if only because on low-end hardware it can take longer to compile a
> kernel than it takes for me to release a new one ;-). Anyway, that kind
> of leads to the kernels getting much more testing on high-end machines. I
> hope we're still usable on a 4MB machine ;-/

Well, then! I feel so important here, holding on to the low end. I've got two
4 meg 386 machines and an 8 meg 486. Don't worry, Linus. If anything quits
working, I'll be very sure to let everyone know. Heck, my raid test box is a
386DX-16 with six scsi drives on it.


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