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SubjectRe: System Information

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Matt Hartley wrote:

> I am interested in a System Information program. I don't know how many
> of you have used Norton Utilities, WinProbe, Quarterdeck Manifest, or hell,
> even MSD (Microsoft Debugging Utilit - comes with MSDOS), but I believe
> we could all make like easier on each other if we had a standard way of
> reporting the information of a system.
> So I guess I have two questions. One, does something like this exist out
> there?? And two, I have noticed most of the information is already on
> the system, through various means such as /dev/kmem or /proc, the info
> given from the netstat, df, and dmesg commands, and through a listing of
> all the /lib stuff (for vers of libc etc). Does this sound like a project
> that needs to be taken up?

I definately think it is, and I would love to help you. I was going to
choose this as my senior project for my undergrad, but it was just before
the last KHG (Kern hackers guide) and there wasn't enough information for me.
Not only would it aid in future development, but it would also help in
generating bug reports, and general acct/system maintence.

Looking forward to working with you..
Dave Wreski

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